“You can’t truly meet effectively online in groups. Once you add more than 5–6 people, everything that makes social interaction beautiful gets lost: the spontaneity, the intimacy, the energy. The reason for that is that virtual conferencing does not work in the way that human group psychology works. In larger groups, humans almost always break into smaller groups and move between those. Settings where everyone faces everyone in a large group are the exception, yet all video conferencing apps use that paradigm. This is an old problem, but through shifts in technology and social norms it has suddenly become solvable” — Leonard Witteler, Wonder co-founder

Unlike rigid video conferencing and online event tools, Wonder is focused on natural and ad-hoc interactions that mirror real-life dynamics of group gatherings and conferences. Users navigate a 2D space with an avatar, and can join group conversations and broadcasts — coming and leaving seamlessly. Any user can create a video portal (with chat and screen-share functionality) by moving close to any other user on the platform — allowing for ad-hoc or revolving group conversations. Organisers get extra features such as privacy management and broadcast mode.

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