Almost everything we use daily — from food to clothing to toys — relies on decades- to centuries-old ingredients and production processes that constitute the $4 trillion chemical petroleum industry. As the naturally occurring planetary resources to support our lives get more scarce and many production processes are toxic, it is time to rethink how we produce the goods and materials required to support human life. As a second generation synthetic biology platform, plans to leverage recent advances across the synbio toolstack, including computational R&D tools and advanced contract manufacturing infrastructure, to build out an asset-light biomanufacturing platform that will enable faster R&D iteration and the ability to rapidly produce complex molecules for ingredients and materials used in industrial, consumer and pharma applications — with significantly less energy requirements and waste produced than traditional chemical industrialization processes today. This enables a world where e.g. cosmetics and materials are made out of bio-compounds versus toxic petrochemical derivatives.

Our Thesis

As consumer pressure accelerates the push to transform (for sustainability) and decarbonize today’s destructive chemical industry, has a chance to become the fabric for an entirely new and sustainable way to develop most consumer goods such as cosmetics, fashion, fabric, food and more — while potentially opening up entirely new markets based on novel bio-materials. Moreover,’s team have backgrounds in scaling production and go-to-market of synthetic biology products from companies like AMSilk, Clariant, Evonik, Fresenius and Syngenta. By closely collaborating with downstream supply chain companies and brands directly, could be a key component of economies stepping up to meet growing sustainability requirements in materials production for a fast-growing base of consumers already buying — and demanding more — eco-friendly products.

We’re excited to be backing Jens Klein and the entire team on their mission. Here is a Forbes article with a few more details.

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