We have software to design and build products, content, presentations, etc — but we don’t have a modern and web-first platform that allows companies to design their operations. The fabric and core processes of companies are either captured with lightweight To Do apps and project management tools that don’t scale or heavy duty enterprise software with all of the complexities these legacy products bring with them. Next Matter aims to give companies a “operations engineering toolkit” that allows users to architect and manage their core operational processes — and to connect humans, software, machines and an external ecosystem in a new “operating system” for companies. The product works as a platform with modular apps that can be deployed on top of it. We backed Next Matter back in 2019 and the company is now launching out of beta and is announcing its seed round.

Our Thesis

Given the amount of legacy software and the proliferation of SaaS tools, companies need a new “unifying fabric” between humans, software, machines and an outside ecosystem. By providing a very simple, web-based process capture and management tool, Next Matter can get adopted easily by individual teams and divisions — before becoming the process platform for the operations of an entire company.

We are excited to be backing Jan Hugenroth and the entire Next Matter team.