Join Our Team as a Crypto Associate

  • Web 3 as the logical evolution of open source software, enabling everything that should be open source software to become open source software (via protocols orchestrated with a token)
  • DeFi as technology acquiring a native finance layer, and in turn, finance acquiring a native technology layer. We are less excited about chasing the latest yield farming or arbitrage opportunity — and will be more focused on novel financial products, networks and broader access to the promise and opportunities of crypto
  • New economic and cultural life forms changing old markets and creating new ones — e.g. DAOs and NFTs vs legal entities, institutions and contracts
  • Key support and scaling infrastructure relevant to the growth and success of the entire space including applications that help reduce barriers to entry and tooling for engineers
  • Identifying technologies and trends that will positively impact economies and societies and represent attractive early stage venture investment opportunities in crypto
  • Carrying out market, company and protocol due diligence on investment opportunities
  • Working with our portfolio companies and networks / protocols to support them
  • Helping with our community management and events
  • Supporting with fund reporting and analyses
  • A strong understanding of and passion for all things crypto
  • Self-(fire)starter — be able to run on your own, identify opportunities and prioritize without much guidance
  • The ability to clearly articulate thoughts and opinions about markets, companies and networks / protocols, both in written and spoken form
  • Strong interpersonal skills — happy to work extensively within the team and with entrepreneurs
  • Ability to carry out market and financial analyses
  • Native (or close to) English language skills both written and oral
  • The willingness to roll up your sleeves
  • Your CV
  • If applicable, a collection of links that best characterize your online presence



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