Despite its promise, crypto — and in particular DeFi — takes a lot of time and energy to understand, and remains hard to navigate safely. From the new vocabulary to the ‘untraditional’ finance values of anonymity to complex wallet set-ups and frothy markets, many prospective new crypto investors do not know where to start. Point in case: though over 300 million people have invested in crypto, few have invested in more than one digital asset. Equally crypto has not yet produced many “on chain” web3 native asset managers, underutilizing crypto’s new capabilities of attracting and managing highly fluent capital.

This is what Housecat is building: web3 native asset management, both for investors and a next generation of fund managers. With Housecat everyone can access the best investment opportunities in crypto without expert knowledge by discovering and mirroring successful asset managers. Investors link their wallet, specify the investment amount and their money is then managed alongside web3 native asset managers. Further safety is provided by asset managers getting to select from only whitelisted crypto assets. In turn, Housecat enables anyone to become an asset manager by marketing their track record and managing a pool of investor capital that wants to mirror trade with them. The asset managers don’t need to manage anyone’s assets actively however, since investors’ funds just mirror the manager’s wallet but they can still benefit from management and performance fees.

Our Thesis

If Housecat can build a truly web3 native asset management platform, we believe it could i) broaden access to crypto and DeFi investing and ii) create a new type of on-chain and web3 native asset manager. If Hosuecat succeeds one can imagine large capital flows through their protocol and strong value accrual to a future token.

We are excited to be backing Ville Vesterinen and the entire Housecat team. More here.




BlueYard invests in founders with transforming ideas that decentralize markets and empower humanity.

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BlueYard Capital

BlueYard Capital

BlueYard invests in founders with transforming ideas that decentralize markets and empower humanity.

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