• Checks and balances: consensus is achieved through a hybrid Proof-of-Work and Proof of Stake architecture (where e.g. Bitcoin is just PoW). Specifically, the blocks mined by PoW are then validated (or not) by PoS miners (via a governance ticket system)
  • On chain governance: protocol upgrades (both incremental upgrades as well as entirely new features) are voted upon by stakers
  • Open participation / public proposal system: stakeholders are able to make proposals, determine what gets funded and are able to participate in project-level decision-making (Politeia)
  • Self-funding: a portion of the block reward is dedicated to the development fund (currently worth $50m)
  • The block rewards are split 60/30/10 between miners, stakers and the development pool. More details on the supply schedule here

Hashrate development

Significant and growing staking activity




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