Crypto has become a trillion dollar asset class, and is showing up on the balance sheets of thousands of companies, funds, DAOs, etc. Transparency, accountability and auditability has become key — especially as the crypto industry continues to mature. Yet accurately tracking transactions, asset values at a specific time, profitability of trades, gas fees, etc. is still hard — and it is even harder to combine this data into an enterprise grade audit environment.

Enter Cryptio, which tracks crypto assets and transactions from DeFi protocols, wallets, exchanges, and institutional custodians to construct a complete picture of a company’s digital asset activity. Crypto is trusted by over 200 organizations and empowers them to transform digital asset data into auditable records for accounting, treasury, and tax filings. A few examples of Cryptio’s capabilities include

  • Importing and processing fragmented crypto activity into GAAP & IFRS-grade ledgers


Ensuring transparency and accountability will be key for the continued establishment of crypto as a major asset class. More trust and auditability will unlock more institutional engagement, further product innovations and will make crypto native companies more effective. If Cryptio can become the go-to platform for crypto accounting, it could become the de-facto back end infrastructure for all teams and companies with digital assets.



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