BlueYard x EthCC — (On|Off) Chain: Recap & Video Recordings

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2 min readAug 4, 2022


Thanks to everyone who joined us in Paris at BlueYard x EthCC — (On|Off) Chain for an afternoon of lightning talks and open conversations ranging from the technical details of new age computation and storage, to philosophical and ethical questions about transparency, privacy & consent, and new developments in ZK technology.

Video recordings from the event, including each lightning talk and panel discussion, are now available here on YouTube.

You can also navigate directly to any of the sessions using the links below:

Decentralized computation & new frontiers in smart contract development:

Demystifying ZKs and providing next steps for developers: Panel Discussion and Q/A with:

  • Calum Moore, Spacetime
  • Brandon Kase, O(1) Labs / Mina Protocol
  • Philipp Banhardt, Violet

Self-sovereign Identity, Reputation, Credentials, and Consent:

A big thanks to everyone who participated (especially the speakers) and we look forward to seeing you at the next one.



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