Paradoxically, while most blockchains consist of publicly available, open lists of records, it is extremely complicated to extract useful data from a blockchain. The blockchains most protocols are built on are optimized to be secure and tamper-proof but are sub-optimal (to say the least) for extracting intelligible information as the data is both difficult to access and difficult to decode.

Yet, as is true with traditional, database-backed applications, access and analysis of on-chain data is an essential part of any substantial application. Today developers are forced to build and operate complex infrastructure (running blockchain nodes, setting up a storage and querying system, ETL, etc.) and to develop a deep understanding of the inner workings of smart contracts in order to extract, process, analyze, and display historical on-chain data.

Agnostic is tackling the issue of blockchain data accessibility by providing a platform to help developers access decoded data in real time. The team at Agnostic have developed an automated pipeline to index smart contract calls and events with no manual action needed to add new contracts and, hence, avoid re-indexing the whole chain. Written for developers, the team at Agnostic are building for the real use cases web3 builders are currently facing.

What’s even better than that? All of this happens in a PostgreSQL- and GraphQL-compatible engine so your existing developers can immediately be productive and your existing SQL-enabled tools will work out of the box.

Our Thesis

Web3 is riddled with complexities for users, including incoming developers who want to build new applications. Having programmatic access to decoded data through familiar, industry-standard mechanisms will allow a new swath of developers to easily build apps, and as the number of developers continues to grow exponentially, the Web3 infrastructure and dev tooling market will naturally grow in both breadth and adoption. Rather than making every new Web3 developer essentially start from scratch, Agnostic brings a simple SaaS experience with an interface familiar to essentially every Web developer on the planet.


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BlueYard backs founders building the interconnected elements that can become the fabric of our future.