A Placeholder x BlueYard Conversation in New York: Final Agenda

Agenda (format: open conversations with moderators and contributors — everyone is welcome to join in)

  • Where are DAOs currently stronger than companies? Where are they weaker?
  • From venture DAOs, service DAOs to grant DAOs — what DAOs have the strongest market fit to become new capital and resource allocators
  • The DNA of good DAOs: stakeholders, focus, governance, security and treasury management
  • Are grants programs the right resource allocation model for DAOs?
  • Who is held accountable and how within the flatter structure of a DAO? How do we solve the problem of people having 8 half-time jobs, and doing none of them particularly well?
  • Legal liability for members within DAOs? Are unincorporated nonprofit associations (UNAs) the answer for the meatspace?
  • How is crypto changing culture and culture changing crypto?
  • What is the role of (current and future) NFTs?
  • From royalties to co-ownership: a new economic model for builders and communities — which markets will be disrupted and which new markets will be created?
  • What does the “stack” look like for this emerging application layer — from L1s and scaling L2 to more accessible crypto UI / UX for a broader range of users (if relevant)
  • Does everything become DeFi? What are the implications of the “financialization” of creators and communities? Role intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation?
  • Do we still need room for play? What happens when money becomes the driving mechanism for incentivization of previous ‘passion’ focused work?
  • Will more equitable financial dynamics be enough to incentivize mainstream movement from web2 platforms? Does everyone care enough about the values inherent to Web3 to make the switch?
  • How can we ensure concepts like play to earn continue to bridge web2 to web3 spaces in a long term financially sustainable way (if needed)?
  • How to talk to politicians, regulators and the media — key lines of argumentation and defense for the right kind of crypto regulation
  • PR / media and broad wealth creation and participation — winning the hearts, minds and wallets of the public
  • Security classification, KYC / AML, broker / dealer, etc — visibility on the most clear and present regulatory dangers and how to mitigate them
  • A path to thriving in a more regulatory intense environment, impacts up and down stack — eg regulating the interfaces vs protocols
  • Lobbying, relationships, money — how to navigate DC



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