A Placeholder x BlueYard Conversation in New York: Final Agenda

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3 min readSep 20, 2021


We are looking forward to welcoming an intimate group of portfolio family, co-investors, and friends to our Placeholder x BlueYard Conversations in New York this Tuesday, September 21st. The conversations will include folks from projects and organisations including: Anchorage, Balancer, Coinbase & Bison Trails, several DAOs (e.g. PartyDAO, Paperclip, Hicetnunc), Ethereum Foundation, Filecoin Foundation, Galaxy Digital, Gitcoin, Notation, Uniswap, USV, Zerion, and other emerging projects.

All participants will have received a confirmatory email and calendar invite by now — and unfortunately the event has reached capacity and we are unable to accept any further registrations. We appreciate your understanding if we were unable to host you this time, and hope to see you at the next one.

Agenda (format: open conversations with moderators and contributors — everyone is welcome to join in)

6:00pm: DAOs as new economic life forms with the potential to disrupt capital and resource allocators of the past — nonetheless, the reality of DAOs is currently far from the promise.

  • Where are DAOs currently stronger than companies? Where are they weaker?
  • From venture DAOs, service DAOs to grant DAOs — what DAOs have the strongest market fit to become new capital and resource allocators
  • The DNA of good DAOs: stakeholders, focus, governance, security and treasury management
  • Are grants programs the right resource allocation model for DAOs?
  • Who is held accountable and how within the flatter structure of a DAO? How do we solve the problem of people having 8 half-time jobs, and doing none of them particularly well?
  • Legal liability for members within DAOs? Are unincorporated nonprofit associations (UNAs) the answer for the meatspace?

6:30pm: Crypto x culture x consumers: how art, games, music, tribal movements and other cultural phenomenons have the potential to bring crypto mainstream.

  • How is crypto changing culture and culture changing crypto?
  • What is the role of (current and future) NFTs?
  • From royalties to co-ownership: a new economic model for builders and communities — which markets will be disrupted and which new markets will be created?
  • What does the “stack” look like for this emerging application layer — from L1s and scaling L2 to more accessible crypto UI / UX for a broader range of users (if relevant)
  • Does everything become DeFi? What are the implications of the “financialization” of creators and communities? Role intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation?
  • Do we still need room for play? What happens when money becomes the driving mechanism for incentivization of previous ‘passion’ focused work?
  • Will more equitable financial dynamics be enough to incentivize mainstream movement from web2 platforms? Does everyone care enough about the values inherent to Web3 to make the switch?
  • How can we ensure concepts like play to earn continue to bridge web2 to web3 spaces in a long term financially sustainable way (if needed)?

7:00pm Roundtable conversation on how to mitigate the risks of naive and prescriptive regulation that will impact where, when and how crypto goes mainstream.

  • How to talk to politicians, regulators and the media — key lines of argumentation and defense for the right kind of crypto regulation
  • PR / media and broad wealth creation and participation — winning the hearts, minds and wallets of the public
  • Security classification, KYC / AML, broker / dealer, etc — visibility on the most clear and present regulatory dangers and how to mitigate them
  • A path to thriving in a more regulatory intense environment, impacts up and down stack — eg regulating the interfaces vs protocols
  • Lobbying, relationships, money — how to navigate DC

Conversations will continue over drinks and dinner.

BlueYard is committed to keep our events safe and open to all. View our code of conduct here.

We hope to see you there.

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